Manchester United will be hosting a 7 day Judi Online festival thaht will kick off in June. It is sure to attract amateurs and pros alike and there is a guaranteed prize pool of $1million. reports:

Alongside the tournaments, players can expect some high paced cash games, a gala dinner, free daily buffets and a tour of the Old Trafford Stadium. Satellites are running at various online poker rooms for entry into the festival.

When a Flop Has Been Dealt…

What happens when a flop is dealt? There are three options! You can no longer make a good hand. You will get a drawing hand, and you end up relying on another card in order to make a good hand. Or possibly you would have already made your hand. If you have decided that your hand cannot be beaten, you will still have to decide how to play that hand, for maximum payoff. The best position is that of having a monster hand, which is non-vulnerable. This may be a nut flush, nut full house or a nut straight or four of a kind. If a bet has not been placed, the best move is to build the pot slowly. Make bets half the pot size in order to make the players with drawing hands, call. A good strategy is to leave room for an opponent to bluff rather than becoming the most aggressive player.

Participants at the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) Game Night 2006 Not Only be Helping Hemophilila Patients But Will Also Get a Chance of Winning a Place at the WSOP

The National Hemophilia Game Night 2006 opens on April 4th at the ESPN Zone in Times Square in New York. The winner gets a seat at the World Series of Poker event. However,this is a charity event and all the earnings will go to the NHF. This charitable organization looks after people with bleeding disorders. It works in the field focusing on finding better cures and treatments for such people who have bleeding and clotting disorders. The buy-ins for the No Limit Texas Hold’Em tournament are for $1000. General Admission tickets are for $75. The NHF has estimated a sale of almost 350 tickets, for this event. reports:

The NHF chose the ESPN Zone for this function because of the venue’s appeal and location. Citing a need to raise as much money and awareness for their important cause as possible, NHF Vice President of Marketing and Communication Suzy Zimmerman said holding the event at a popular facility in the middle of Manhattan will allow for a maximum number of participants.