Bwin is currently offering contender freerolls! Play monthly for a chance to win a $20,000 freeroll tournament! To compete, it’s simple, play at bwin, earn points, then get designated a weight class, from flyweight all the way up to heavyweight!

Flyweights are given tickets to a $1,000 monthly togel Singapore for 100 market points. Heavyweights exchange 75,000 and get their tickets punched for a $20,000 freeroll! Contender Freeroll Tournaments are scheduled to be played Saturday of each month at 18:00 (GMT +1).


Also now at bwin, earn a spot to represent bwin at the GSOP Live Prague! GSOP Prague is taking place at the Corinthia Hotel in Prague from 12/7-12/12. To qualify, play the Live Event Qualifiers from now until 11/27. Buyins are as low as $2! The GSOP Live Prague Final takes place three times a week until 11/27 for a $320 buyin. Winners will receive a $3,600 GSOP Live Tour Package with at least 100 packages guaranteed!


If you’re living on the edge, and want to qualify for the GSOP on a wave of pure adrenaline, qualify through the Super Step Coinflip Qualifiers! With Coinflip Qualifiers you have no choice but to go all in every hand! It doesn’t get more gambly than that! Only three steps of coinflips, the $1, $14, and $210 entries, stand between you and a $3,600 GSOP Live Tour Package!


If cash games are more your cup of tea, bwin is now offering the Plus 1 button! Click the Plus 1 button on any of the cash tables to instantly add another cash game table of the same type! Earn 50 Poker Points this month using the Plus 1 button to qualify for exclusive Playstation 3 freerolls in which over 100 Playstation 3s are up for grabs!


All this and more is available on the cutting edge bwin Android Poker App! Now you can play on the train, at work, or on the go! The bwin Android Poker App redefines the term No-Limit!