This time, we’ve got 11 people at the table with $10 a piece in the pot. We started with T1000 chips and were a few hands in. I’m down to T900.

I’m dealt pocket Q’s in late position with blinds at 25/50. It’s raised to T200 and there are two callers in front of me. That means there’s T675 in the pot. I decide to push all in figuring I’ll either double up without a showdown or be in good shape against a caller.

First, the BB pushes all in for less. Then the original raiser fights with himself before folding. Then I get called again. Then another player pushes all in for T950. That puts four of us into a pot worth T3775.

I say, “Let’s turn ’em up.” And everyone shows except the last caller. He’s the one who made the final call of T700 into a pot worth T2975. When he flips K8 of clubs, I understand why he was so reluctant to show his cards.

That means the guy first called the T150 raise with a suited K, then called three all-ins with a suited K. Could someone with a good knowledge of odds tell me if this was a good call against three unknown hands? Could he really figure either of his cards were live?

I certainly didn’t want to play my Q’s against three callers. In my mind, I thought I might be behind. Instead, my other two opponents flipped sbo and AJo.

To recap: QQ vs. A8o vs. AJo vs. K8s

Once I punched that in the handy dandy Hand Analyzer, I learned I won this hand 50% of the time. It ended up being a coin flip for me. Surprisingly, the K8s won about 25% of the time. I guess that means he was getting good odds on his money. The AJo won about 16% and the A8o only 4%.

The flop was all rags, but the K on the turn was enough to knock me out. I got no help on the river.

The guy said he called because there was so much money in the pot, he figured if he got lucky he’d own the table. I suppose I can’t argue with that.

The problem is that I didn’t like the guy to begin with. He talked a big game and kept telling everyone he plays poker everyday. He certainly didn’t show it. Earlier in the night, he berated another player for not checking down a short-stack who was all-in. The girl had next to nothing and was never going to be a threat. He took all the fun out of it for her and she left the table a little dejected. I thought he was rude all the way around.

So when he sucked out on me on that huge pot, I was none too pleased. I let out an expected, “You called with K8 of clubs!?!?!?” But I left it at that. It’s poker. That’s the way it goes. And for 10 bucks… can you blame him?