Krupajsko vrelo,  magical waterfall in nature, emerges on the west side Beljanica at an altitude of 220 meters  to me is one of the most interesting karst springs in Serbia.Homoljski region  is known as a major ecological oasis.Krupajsko Vrelo is one of the characteristics and natural rarities of this region.With its unique beauty, this spring, which on the surface creates a karst lake, irresistible lures into the realm of forests, waters and fresh mountain air.Waters of thermal springs, which are mixed with cold spring water Krupajskog vrela, complete the picture of this fairytale landscape.Krupajsko vrelo is located in eastern Serbia, at the western foot of the mountain Beljanica, the right Krupajsko River, between the village Krupaja and Milanovac, about 35 km from Žagubica and around 100 miles from Serbia Capital Belgrade. Accessible to the asphalt road that connects villages Krepoljin and Despotovac. This amazing photographs are taken by photograph Ivan Milenkovic.