This month has been kind to our dedicated Caribbean Stud players. In less than two weeks, we have given away over $21,000 in jackpot prizes!

The winners forkliftterror, calgon73 and milleke all won jackpot payouts of just over $7000 cash, each for winning with a Straight Flush. Our Caribbean Stud tables pay 10% of the jackpot for a Straight Flush, and 100% for a Royal Flush. We gave away a $55,000 Royal jackpot not long ago, but clearly plenty of players are due for a nice cash injection.

Before the two-week winning streak, sanghoki and nate1874 each picked up over $5500, also by winning with a Straight Flush. Massive congratulations to all our big winners!

The more players hitting the Caribbean Stud tables, the higher the jackpot will rise. Our tables start at 20 cents, so a payday of thousands wouldn’t be such a bad profit at all!

The Bounty Graveyard Grand Finale

We’ve now come to the end of the Bounty Graveyard. Now, this might seem a little morbid to some players, but we have had a couple of extreme killers throughout the second week. In fact, it’s more brutal than we could have ever expected!

After the first week of play, Rafael19 was the first-place champion, having picked up 525 bounties over the seven days. During the second week, two newcomers stepped into the fray and took bounty hunting to a whole new level.

Schyzza completely dominated the entire field, and even eliminated several players five, six and seven times each in separate tournaments. In seven days, the total bounty count was 811. All lost their tournament lives at the hands of Schyzza.

One other player came close. Stuck333 managed to score 794 bounties over the week, which would have been a champion effort if Schyzza wasn’t in the mix! The third-place weekly winner is Godoy84, with a comparatively lowly 407 bounties – though realistically, this is also very impressive. The top three win cash prizes of $300, $200 and $150 respectively.

Out Bounty Graveyard was a huge success, with over 4000 players taking part in a bounty tournament throughout the second week alone! Congratulations to all!

More Sunday Shenanigans

The latest Sunday 20K Guaranteed was very interesting, with a few newcomers to the final table and a lengthy battle for the first place prize.

228 players were present for the five hour tournament, and the final table was a long hike, despite the rising blinds. It finally came to heads-up play with LeroyPaige and RaginAZN the last two players standing. Only eight hands were to separate the two players from their prize money!

With the big stack and playing the part of the bully, RaginAZN shoved all in with KQo, and LeroyPaige took his chances against at leat two overcards, holding pocket Deuces.

The match was all but over on the flop, when it came down K 4 5 rainbow. LeroyPaige needed a Deuce or runner-runner straight to pick up the win, but the Kings held up and RaginAZN picked up $5400 for first place!

The CarbonPoker Sunday 20K Guaranteed has incredible overlay, and you won’t find better EV anywhere else. With only 228 players last week, we bumped up the prize pool to include the value of over 100 extra buy-ins. That’s a lot of opponents you won’t need to face to win their cash!