Just put on the big girl panties and get over it!

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I used to wonder what it would feel like when I got my -$1K cherry popped. It was a strange feeling; regret, mixed with excitement from knowing I COULD lose $1000 in a day and still be ok.

Regret and excitement, just like losing your virginity.

SO, the sun came up this morning. The kids had to be taken to school. Mama Big needed help with a marketing project for her gift shop. Job search agents had to be scoured. Life went on.

Played some indo slot 88. Had a rollercoaster day. A total of 4 SNGs were cashless due to 3-outers today. Fortunately, I managed to win enough in the rest that the day was profitable. It’s funny, though, how perspectives change when it comes to poker. I made more today than I did in a day at my former job, and I’m just, “ho-hum”. Catching the positive end of the variance-bitch in a huge way earlier this week has spoiled me. Now, I’m trying to get my head back on straight, recognize that I played pretty good poker today, I made nice money, I’m still up for the week, yadda, yadda, yadda…

On another subject, I’m feeling poorly health-wise. Putting on even more weight again, started having syncope episodes again, and I think the sleep apnea is getting worse. So I’ve got to turn at least this part of my life around. I’m resurrecting the blog I created for myself during my last attempt to improve my health:


A couple of firsts for me today:

First 0-fer on SNG cashes for the day in a veeerrrrryyyyy long time.

First -$1K loss for a day (Don’t worry, I have enough to handle it, but still… 😉 )

Y’all have had days like this. The 2 and 3-outers came along for a junk-kicking party.

Ah, well. I’m still ahead on the week, believe it or not. Mostly due to winning 4 consecutive $210+15 Turboes earlier in the week.

Yep, 4 straight. $720 profit in each. Makes for a nice buffer for days like today.

Even though I took a blue-veiner today, I feel like I played well. After all, the nature of getting slammed by the 2 and 3-outers is that you make good decisions, get your money in with the best of it, and the other guy draws out. Saw some specrapular calls to beat me, which is probably why my ABC, tight-aggressive play pays off so regularly.

It will be interesting to see how the games look this weekend…