When you are planning a vacation, it becomes very difficult to decide the destination. If you will make a long list, you will notice that there are so many fascinating places which are still not explored by you. But making a final selection is a tough decision!

If you are among those who want to experience everything in one single trip, you can consider visiting to Ecuador. Ecuador is well-known for its rich geographic diversity. It is divided into four regions comprising of Galapagos, Jungle, Coast and Highlands. You will love to experience different climatic conditions, flora, fauna and spectacular views. As it is on the equator, it enjoys the same weather all the year around. But, there is a little variation in climate due to change in altitudes. Due to this, the coast and Amazon jungle are much warmer and the highlands region enjoys temperate climate. So, you do not have to worry about the climatic conditions before visiting to Ecuador.

Moreover, it is also one of the most bio-diverse countries in the world with more than 1,600 bird species, 3,000 species of Orchid, 106 reptiles, 138 amphibians, 4,500 types of butterflies and over 25,000 plant species. It provides an opportunity to vacationers to experience this biodiversity through eco-tourism and national parks.

Ecuador also offers scuba diving tours, yacht cruise tours and lots of fun in the Galapagos Islands. The Galapagos Islands are a group of Islands that are distributed around the equator in the Pacific Ocean. It is located 972 Km west of continental Ecuador. You will experience a lot of rare species like marine iguanas, tropical penguins, giant tortoises and blue-footed boobies etc. that are not found anywhere else on Earth. The Galapagos animals do not treat humans as predators and therefore, allow humans to come close to them.

In addition, Ecuadorians are very friendly and helpful people who are ready to help you in all the possible ways. They also treat the travelers with warmth and provide information about the activities they can include in their trip. However, it is still advisable to make prior bookings for all the arrangements so that you get the best deal for your trip.

Get ready to visit the geographical diversity of Ecuador packed into one country where you will get a chance to climb to the top of the mountain, lie down on the beach, snorkel with a sea lion and also enjoy a jungle river. So, don’t think much and come to Ecuador to experience all that it has to offer to its valuable tourists.