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Insurance Open…Insurance Closed

You’ve probably heard blackjack dealers say this before in land casinos.  When you’re playing at an online casino, you’ve seen where you have the option

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  먹튀폴리스사이트is a great game and I love to play it. But if I’m honest, I get a little frustrated having to constantly consult the strategy cards. I know why the strategy cards exist – to lower the house edge (ie the percentage of money staked that the casino expects to win) to as close as 0 as possible. But because the ultimate strategy must cover every possible combination of your cards and the dealer’s cards, I find them too complex to memorize exactly. The result is that I’m taking time away from the game to pore over the charts to see what the optimal move is. All of which reduces my enjoyment of the game. And of course, this is only possible when I’m

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China Social Etiquette: The Basics

A lot is made of supposedly complex Chinese systems of etiquette, but the reality is that in most situations there are very little surprises. When

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